The Region 9 LRTP (Long Range Transportation Plan) serves a variety of purposes. It forecasts future travel demand and freight needs. It also analyzes the current transportation system's ability to meet these demands and identifies what improvements will be needed to address excess demand. As projects are identified, they are then directed through the short-range planning and programming process to ultimate implementation or construction.

Region 9: Rural Scott County Area and Muscatine County, IA
The Region 9 Long Range Transportation Plan identifies the needs within rural Scott County and all of Muscatine County in Iowa. The plan examines transportation goals and needs related to roads, highways, transit, pedestrians, bicycles, rail, and other intermodal transportation needs. The plan presents future projects that are financially attainable and outlines general revenues that may be available.

Iowa Region 9 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan - Final (Maps Included)

pdf 2015-09-29-2040-region-9-lrtp-web.pdf (15.50 MB)
Iowa Region 9 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan - Final September 2015